Cleveland, Ohio Forbes expanded the list of cities under consideration this year to include the 200 largest metropolitan statistical areas (in years past Forbes examined 150), which led to a shuffling in the ranks. Any area with a population of more than 245,000 was eligible. This year Cleveland takes the top spot in Forbes third annual ranking of America’s Most Miserable Cities. Cleveland secured the position thanks to its high unemployment, high taxes, lousy weather, corruption by public officials and crummy sports teams.

Forbes list America’s most miserable Cities 2010:

20. Philadelphia, Pa.
19. Gary, Ind.
18. Youngstown, Ohio
17. Sacramento, Calif.
16. New York, N.Y.
15. Toledo, Ohio
14. Rockford, Ill.
13. Kansas City, Mo.
12. Akron, Ohio
11. Modesto, Calif.
10. Chicago, Ill.
9. Canton, Ohio
8. Buffalo, N.Y.
7. St. Louis, Mo.
6. Miami, Fla.
5. Flint, Mich.
4. Detroit, Mich.
3. Memphis, Tenn.
2. Stockton, Calif.
1. Cleveland, Ohio

More about list read on: Forbes.com

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  1. Tom Stanley says:

    I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley

  2. insiderperks says:

    I beg to differ.. We are headquartered 20 minutes away in Avon, OH and having traveled all over the world people just don’t appreciate everything Cleveland has to offer until they leave.

    This was our first city we created travel videos of and the number of great things to see and do in this city is amazing. Apologies in advance for the link, but people need to see all of the stuff to do here!

    Cleveland Travel Videos

  3. Thembi says:

    How is Baltimore not on this list?????

  4. jared says:

    it sounds like my home state of ohio is just plain old depressing

  5. John Davis says:

    Dude this is like the coolest thing ever man.


  6. Comon says:

    I’ve been looking through this, you guys need to double check your facts because you are way off on some of what you say here. Not to mention no one proof read this thing.

  7. Lyl says:

    Chicago? NY, NY? Seriously?! This list is quite inaccurate and the reasons given about sports are stupid. This is the worst “Worst Cities” list I’ve ever seen.

  8. Cleveland is a sh*thole says:

    Cleveland is a sh*thole, good try Cleveland Travel Videos. I grew up in Avon, moved to the city after high school and lived there for 8 years. Someone please set this city on fire and burn it to the ground.

    A real Cleveland tourism video? Try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZzgAjjuqZM

  9. Becky says:

    Why the huge emphasis on sports teams as happiness factors?

  10. admin says:

    Someone need read. I not make list, i just write about: “Forbes third annual ranking of America’s Most Miserable Cities”

  11. otterpop says:

    i was really surprised that hartford didn’t make it on this list. and why the hell is stl on here because of their football team?! st louis is a wonderful city with a lot to offer. and you’re worried about football?

  12. frances says:

    Meh, I refuse to believe not one city in New Jersey made this list. Newark? Jersey City? Hello!

  13. wow says:

    whoever wrote this really hates ohio. is this subjective or is there some formula

  14. Alan says:

    I agree with Becky – what do sports teams have to do with happiness? This list needed to be more fleshed out in terms of why cities ranked where they did. But it was still an interesting read.

  15. Randy says:

    Vast majority are northern cities. I guess the good ol’ south is still the good ol’ south.

  16. Tracy Ford says:

    Well I was born and raised in Stockton, Ca and frankly I’m offended by this ranking. It’s not fair. If the writers from Forbes took the time to visit our fair city, they wouldn’t have given such a ranking. They would have listed it as the number one most miserable city (which is exactly what they did last year). Damn liberal media getting it wrong again.

  17. jan galvin says:

    Cleveland has an orchestra without peer, an art museum I was asked about by a visitor from London, who wondered why it was in Cleveland. When I asked him what he meant, he said:” A museum like this would only be found in Europe in Rome, Paris or London.” I’m happy we beat out New York, Chicago, and St. Louis, but my son, who just worked in St. Louis, said it’s a wonderful place, with people full of pride in their city. Cleveland has nasty weather at times, but beautiful sunsets on Lake Erie, great neighborhoods, an emerald necklace of woods around the city, ethnic foods from the many immigrants,
    wonderful restaurants, excellent colleges and hospitals. I’ve lived in many cities and Forbes needs to get out more! And when our teams win, we are SO happy!

  18. Dustin says:

    Where is Phoenix, AZ?

    #1 in methamphetamines & kid-napping. As well as illegal immigration, sky-rocketing cartels from Nogales through Tuscon and Yuma to Phoenix. Condemned asylums for county jails, “The Tents” where inmates are kept in the sweldering heat year long.. crooked officials. We just surpassed Detroit for grand theft auto… one of the lowest unemployment rates..

    Stay away from PHX. It blows here…

  19. The only one that really surprises me is Chicago. I was thinking of moving there… if only I could get over the weather.

  20. Louis says:

    Hey Dustin even though I see your points about PHOENIX, this wasn’t a crime survey, I live in Phoenix and I can tell you first hand it is one of the best cities in the US. From weather, outdoor adventures, lakes, events, sports, great restaurants, night life, you get my point. Try living in crappy cities like CINCINNATI, OH then you’ll have a million things to complain about. Trust me

  21. Ben says:

    Chicago is great if you like, theft, rape, murder, cold weather, spending money, terrible cab drivers, corruption, unions, panhandling, and high taxes. Housing is also extremely expensive. That is if you want to live in a neighborhood you are less likely to be shot, but don’t trust a realtor to advise you which neighborhoods are in a “bad area”. That is illegal. Good luck finding a place to park. If you truly love Chicago you probably haven’t lived in a place like Phoenix. Dustin probably lives in a trailer park. I’m guessing he is currently out celebrating Obama care.

  22. me says:

    just have a look

  23. Marisa says:

    Why do ignorant people feel the need to insult others when they don’t agree with their opinions? It actually sounds as if Ben hasn’t lived in Phoenix or maybe he only drives through the upscale neighborhoods. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if he did live here, since this city is full of hateful people.
    I agree with Dustin… Phoenix is a dump and should be on this list. Louis mentions events, sports and great restaurants. Lol sorry dude, that’s not nearly enough to keep me in some crime-ridden shithole overrun by illegals and meth addicts! He’s right about there being a night life… that is, if you don’t mind going to clubs and bars where it’s completely legal to carry a concealed handgun. Yeah, no thanks. I think I’ll drink at home.

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