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Tallest trees refer to the height of the tree. In August 2006, a new “tallest tree in the world” was found. It was found in a California redwood, and it’s location was Redwood Forest ( Redwood National Park, California). This tree has been named “Hyperion” (from Greek mythology) and stands 115.61 meters (379.3 feet) tall! The Coast Redwood is probably the tallest tree on earth, although one occasionally hears of extraordinarily tall eucalypts in Western Australia, and during historical times there have been Douglas-firs (Pseudotsuga menziesii) recorded as being taller than any Coast Redwoods now living. However, it is quite likely that the tallest Coast Redwoods were early victims of the axe, so it is difficult to say if the Redwood was the tallest of conifers during early historical time.

The very top of the tallest known tree in 2008 (Steve Sillett, 2008.09.16)

Here are the world’s 10 tallest living trees:

1. Hyperion – 115.61 m (379.3 ft) – Redwood, Redwood Creek Tributary, LIDAR search confirms this to be the tallest redwood.
2. Helios – 114.58 m (375.9 ft) – Redwood, Redwood Creek Tributary, Former title holder for tallest from 7/1/2006 – 8/25/2006
3. Icarus – 113.14 m (371.2 ft) – Redwood, Redwood Creek Tributary, Discovered July 1st, 2006. Dead spire top. Once taller.
4. Stratosphere Giant – 113.11 m (371.1 ft) – Humboldt, Rockefeller Forest. Former title holder for tallest, 2000-2006
5. National Geographic Society – 112.71 m (369.9 ft) – Redwood, Redwood Creek. Former title holder for tallest, 1994-1995
6. Orion – 112.63 m (369.5 ft) – Redwood, Redwood Creek Tributary. Found by LIDAR. Grows on a high perched bench with spring.
7. Lauralyn – 112.62 m (369.5 ft) – Humboldt, South Fork Eel River. Big Leaner. Discovered by Paul Zinke & Al Stangenburger.
8. Rockefeller – 112.60 m (369.3 ft) – Humboldt, Upper Bull Creek Flat. Huge tree. Former title holder for tallest.
9. Paradox – 112.56 m (369.2 ft) – Humboldt, Rockefeller Forest. Former title holder for tallest, 1995-1996
10. Mendocino – 112.20 m (368.1 ft) – Montgomery, Montgomery Flat. Former title holder for tallest, 1996-2000

In order to protect these trees precise location of these trees are not shown anywhere and should remain secret.

Richard Preston and his daughter climbing a 100 m plus redwood called BCG in Humboldt Redwoods State Park (C.J. Earle, 2007.03.03)

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  2. Vincent micheal Powell says:

    Giant sequoias and Giant Redwoods are the most magnificent things on this planet and are the most wise and mighty beast in all of existing, dwarfing blue whales, buses, titanosaurus, and Kodiak bears in size and in my sole.

  3. uberpiecz says:

    Didnt know all tallest living trees is in U.S.


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