A Celebes Crested Macaque looks back at the Singapore zoo, Axolotl, Angora rabbit, a foal sits in the back seat of a Fiat Uno near Warsaw(Poland), VW Golf crammed with two calves in its boot on an Austrian expressway, a hungry Cuban tree frog is all lit up after swallowing a decorative tree light in West Palm Beach and more. Save time and have your pet’s food delivered to your door!
Here is collection of weird animals:

Fish with a human face

fish with a human face

Bear visits the Real Valladolid soccer stadium

Bear visits the Real Valladolid soccer stadium in Spain

Crazy Hairy Frogfish

Crazy Hairy Frogfish

Cat Ugly Bat Boy

Cat Ugly Bat Boy

Baby elephant trapped in

A baby elephant trapped in the manhole of a drainage ditch.

Matador gored in the crotch

The Spanish matador gored in the crotch by a fighting bull during a corrida at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona

Aye Aye

Aye Aye

Red-footed tree frog

Red-footed tree frog

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  1. Grandmaster says:

    The Images are really collective and informative too. I just love the pictures here. Thanks a lot for Sharing.

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  5. ayu says:

    The two frog is beautiful creature.. The first photo, that behind look liked mother in law. Ha Ha Ha…

  6. babi italia crib says:

    i love your content.thank you

  7. shirley temple doll says:

    thank you verry much for nice post

  8. kesarov says:

    Hello! They are really weird!

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