The 15 most sought after IT certification vendors How can an IT professional be evaluated? What are the parameters to segregate the cream out of the ordinary pool of employees? Do certifications really elevate the chances of getting a top shot job?

An IT professional or a newbie unexplored technical freelancer would often rise up these questions to the makers and evaluators of the skills around in IT market and seek answer unfailingly. It certifications have become the need of the hour. With billions of candidates appearing every day to grab a job or crack an interview, it is important to separate the individuals who have proven an edge over others by nailing an IT certification exam. This not only raises the chances of a better income at the company but also satiates the need for a perfect placement for the job seeking employee

Though there are umpteen of IT certification vendors sprouting everyday claiming of a handsome job for clearing their evaluations, the need to extract out the best is always a welcoming gesture. Following are some tried and trusted vendors who have proven their mettle in the market and continue to sizzle the markets with their unending demand.


Short for Computer Technology Industry Association, it is a non-profit vendor-neutral setup that provides certification in A+, Security+, Network+ and Linux+. The elemental A+ requires minimum 700 hours of hands-on experience to make a candidate eligible for certification at first hand. Whereas in other certifications like Security+ has a 90 minute exam worth $258 and the minimum score required to pass the exam is 750.The professionals once certified in this exam can expect a job with annual income of around $80,000.


They have high market value and provide certification in networking and cloud computing and the like.


The hardware produced by Cisco systems are referenced as standard for the arena of networking. Solution providers who have invested in these systems found ultimate boom of jobs in the market. With the popular certifications like the CCNA, CCNP and CCIE-it is one vendor that sets the level for networking configurations and equipment’s.


Decently priced per month, it provides the advantage of accessing various questions from different vendors including all exam codes. There are a total of 4500 questions roaming about in the site being tackled and answered and their database is constantly being updated to keep up with the demands of the market.


This is one vendor that ensures a benefitted technical pay off. Since the certification of this vendor requires both technical and financial investment, the payoff in jobs is very high and the candidates satiated.


The virtual market is the new bet in the flourishing internet technologies at the given time. A VMware certified professional can seek a job in the virtualisation market without blinking an eye. There are other perks that include complementary usage of VMWare workstation 9 once you are a claimed professional.


Very few companies would own their equipment that is not Microsoft controlled in one or the other way .They define a lifestyle. With its popular certifications like the MCSE and MCTS, its market value and need denies to boggle down in the market.

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