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Wild Bees vs Wasps

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Wild Bees vs Wasps The life and death struggles between wild bees and their natural enemy, wasps are repeated every day at their beehive, built in an old tea tree in Chinese Chengdu city. The camera catches exciting moments of the survival struggle between the bees and wasps and the battle for food among the wasps.

Wild Bees vs Wasps

A bee stands guard at the gate of its tea tree “fortress”.

Wild Bees vs Wasps

A wasp attack! Bees flex their hips against the enemy.

Wild Bees vs Wasps

A wasp waits for bees outside the beehive.

Wild Bees vs Wasps

A bee passes by a wasp.

Wild Bees vs Wasps

A ferocious wasp.

Wild Bees vs Wasps

A big wasp eats a bee.

Wild Bees vs Wasps

Two wasps fight against each other for food in front of the beehive.

Wild Bees vs Wasps

A wasp is killed by bees after losing too much energy in a battle with another wasp.

Wild Bees vs Wasps

A bee is caught by a wasp.

Photo: Xinhua

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