prt030 Myth… Sun cures acne
Reality: On the contrary, sun stimulates the sebaceous glands, causing more oil to the skin’s surface. What is happening is that we have the impression that sun cures acne, because it makes the skin darker and “hides” the scars and the pimples.

Myth… Oily foods and chocolate make acne worse
Reality: As the experts explain: “Oily foods and chocolate do not play any significance role in the worsening of acne”. However a healthy diet will help your body have the strength to help you in your fight against acne.

Myth… Scrubbing and toning the skin stops acne.
Reality: According to dermatologists, excessive washing won’t make acne go away. Harsh over-the-counter exfoliants using apricot pits or walnut shells can actually irritate or tear the skin, increasing the chances of infection and more breakouts.

Myth… Sex cures acne
Reality: There is no significance evidence that sex cures acne and therefore your sexual habits have no effect on acne.

Myth… Acne is caused by dirt.
Reality: Acne is caused by a number of things, but dirt is not one of them. Blemishes form when dead skin cells mix with your body’s natural oil, forming a plug in the tiny hair follicles commonly called pores. This has nothing to do with dirt, so over washing your face or body will not make your acne better, but in fact can make it worse.


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