Four General Facts You Should Know About Phobias Have you been facing the challenge of some events that you should not fear about? Are your fears gearing to some other aspects of your life? Are you affected socially, mentally and physically? Do they cause you much stress? Well you are not just having panic attacks. You may already be encountering phobias.

Phobia is a strong fear or dislike of someone or something. It is described as an irrational state. It is very powerful and can affect you in several ways. You may tend to be afraid of spiders, cockroaches and other insects. Sometimes you may also be afraid of confined spaces. At times you may also fear the fact of traveling in elevators. It is therefore best to gather more facts about phobia that may cause panic attacks later on.

Fact # 1: Types of Phobias

There are various types of phobias, the most common of which are:

1. claustrophobia, the fear of being confined in a small place such as an elevator or closet;
2. agoraphobia, fear of large open spaces;
3. authophobia, fear of being alone;
4. acrophobia, the fear of heights;
5. necrophobia, the fear of death and dead bodies;
6. mysophobia, the fear of dirt;
7. photophobia, intolerance of light;
8. coitophobia, the fear of sexual intercourse;
9. gatophobia, the fear of cats;
10. nyctophobia, the fear of night;
11. hydrophobia, the fear of water;
12. androphobia, the fear of men; and
13. gynephobia, the fear of women.

Fact #2: Results of Phobias

If phobia is not addressed immediately, the condition may become severe up to the point that the individual’s existence will be severely disturbed not only by their fears but their effort to hide their condition. Actually, there are a lot of people who are in dangers with their relationship towards families and friends, and their jobs due to the fact that they cannot handle the severity of their phobia.

The phobia may naturally improve for quite a period of time but it will not stay away until the individual will be given therapy that is particularly planned for her. It is also said that persons who are alcoholic have more chances of suffering phobia than those who are not. To some extent it may work the other way around. This means that if you develop fear in your system, you may have the tendency to depend on alcohol or other bad habits.

Fact #3: Causes and Danger Aspects of Phobias

There are no evidences yet that will prove the particular cause of phobias, but some think that phobias are:

1. transferred among family members;
2. it is also said that they are manipulated by way of life; and
3. it can be activated by living incidents.

Fact #4: Indications of Phobias

The major sign of phobia frequently entails panic attack. This leads to sensing of fright, dismay, or fear, in spite of identification that those sensations have no real basis for alarm. Other indications of phobia are briefly explained as follows:

1. Phobia sufferers may also experience physical signs like trembling, fast heart rate, difficulty in breathing, and an overpowering wish to get away from the circumstances which causes the fearful response.
2. Sometimes people also take tremendous procedures to get away from the condition.

Phobias must be carefully recognized from fear and anxiety. All these three types of mental health problems have different characteristics, although some of the symptoms may be similar. You must also take note that phobia is another product of your mind which you can control by yourselves. However, if you cannot control it alone do not be embarrassed to ask an expert to help you manage your phobia. Never try to avoid this illness by taking drugs or alcohol because it will only aggravate your condition.

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