World's Smallest Aquarium Siberian craftsman Anatoly Konenko is responsible for the smallest aquarium in the world. A glass cube measuring 30 x 24 x 14 mm, filled with multicolor stones and sand, contains 10 ml of water for a tiny fish. It also have a little water purification filter to keep the water healthy for fish. Only baby fish can fit inside the tiny glass cube that is the world’s smallest aquarium.

World's Smallest Aquarium

Anatoly Konenko has been fiddling around with micro-miniatures for 30 years – he was the first such craftsman in Siberia. He worked out how to write on rice grains, poppy seeds even human hair, and created the necessary micro-instruments to do this.

World's Smallest Aquarium

The world’s smallest aquarium isn’t Anatoly Konenko’s first record. In 2002, his micro-book that measured less than 1 sq. mm entered the Guinness Book of Records. But notwithstanding its size, it adhered to all rules: offset printing, hardback binding and all. Meanwhile, the micro-miniaturist’s most recent accomplishment until now was the smallest ever functioning mousetrap: 6 by 3mm.

World's Smallest Aquarium

Nevertheless, Anatoly Konenko has plenty more micro-masterpieces up his sleeve, including a violin for a grasshopper, a camel caravan that fits inside a needle ear, an alphabet inscribed on a hair, a zoo that balances on a dragonfly’s wing and the most stunning display of all: a model Eiffel tower that teeters on a mosquito’s antenna. Meanwhile, Konenko has gone one better than forging a shoe for a flea – which he insists is no hard task – and made it a set of jewellery, including necklaces and pendants.

World's Smallest Aquarium

Anatoly Konenko has taken his works to the US, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Spain, Japan and China. His works can be found in many museums around the world, in private collections and in libraries. The presidents of Russia, Korea, Belarus, the Czech Republic and Slovenia treasure his masterpieces. And who knows what place the world’s smallest aquarium from Siberia will call home.

World's Smallest Aquarium

Next amazing miniature is this The Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg – The World’s Biggest Model Train Set.

World's Smallest Aquarium

World's Smallest Aquarium

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  2. klaus says:

    oh, I was expecting something smaller actually.

  3. Fukou says:

    that must be a boring life

  4. Rocky says:

    So cute!

  5. Rob says:

    not to split hairs, but it ain’t a cube…

  6. Jag says:

    As Rob said, this is not a cube.

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  8. ozgur says:

    yes its tiny but i think a tiny light source (a little led) and a tiny air pump works with battery is more complex and looks great on this 🙂

  9. reverse says:

    It is hard finding info on this subject that is well written, easy to read as well as simple to understand. That is actually why I personally felt moved to place a remark here to let you know this is fine.

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