A brief overview of some of the much anticipated Gaming world Innovations expected and released in 2017, as well as the anticipated future release of VR.

5 New Gaming Tech Advances in 2017

Some genuine competition in the Gaming world and rumours of some interesting innovations has led to excitement in Gaming circles with hopes raised for the new year. The actual outcome of the year so far has been mixed, but the excitement and expectation is still high, with many new gaming products impressing the Gaming World.

So far a few of the rumoured gaming releases have been delayed but quite a lot of these releases were received and lauded. Here are some of the highlights in the Gaming World in 2017 that made a noted impact.

Wearable Gaming

Wearables have grown in leaps and bounds and the list has grown from the simple step counter to tech like Hearables, Mixed reality, smart shoes, Emotion sensing wearables and more. Brands like Octopus for kids that helps kids with chores and time telling, to Hearables proving that wireless earphones are not about listening to music but can provide real time translation service or even totally end our use of screens. Linking the current wearables to the gaming world is in progress, with wearables being an extension of the both your body and console.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has come a long way since Nokia’s Snake, the gaming options in 2017 are seemingly limitless, and new gadgets and tech are released all the time. Available games you should definitely try this year are Super Mario Run (only iOS) Fifa Mobile Soccer, Assassin’s Creed Identity, Exploding Kittens and Goat Simulator Waste of Space.
The mobile tech available to support gaming is currently superb.

The Samsung Galaxy 8 is currently viewed as the best mobile for gaming, the brilliant AMOLED display and latest tech specs makes it easily number one. The sheer number of smartphones available lets non hardcore gamers easily access and play roulette online NZ games, NetBet and so many other titles on the go. New games are added all the time, and the mobile gaming market just keeps getting bigger.

Cloud Gaming

Online gaming has become much easier with Gaming on demand/cloud gaming, which uses video or file streaming to let end users game across various devices. Cloud Gaming lets developers focus less on producing powerful expensive hardware that requires physical memory on the console or disc. Cloud Gaming lets the player focus on continuing the game and nt looking for space.

Facial Recognition

A new fun release is having the option of using facial recognition to create avatars in your gaming world, to recreate your likeness or expressions on your avatar while in your game. It also is possible to insert yourself into the game, with the facial recognition software monitoring your expression in realtime. Monitoring your expressions can even be used to adjust difficulty levels based on how anxious you look; this level of interaction with your game is the future!

The Near Future – Virtual Reality

Although not widely available and currently mostly seen at gaming conventions, Virtual Reality is showing massive potential. The gaming world is very keen and gamers are waiting excitedly for affordable VR to purchase, hoping even for VR arcades, VR casino games or much hyped Virtual Reality theme parks

But the use of Virtual Reality has so much potential; people are limited by only their imaginations. A recent proposal via VR shows that people are ready and willing to change and adapt VR to create a whole world, where they can experience a entire different world or propose, she said yes, I would have too.

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