Most of us only see the same boring taxis everywhere, but a little selection of photos which shows the much different types of taxi vehicles around the world. Some of them look nothing like a taxi cab we are used to, but that’s what makes it interesting.
Check out these crazy taxis from around the world and choose your taxi for the ride of your dreams.

Let’s start with luxury models:

Maybach Taxi Moscow Russia
Maybach Taxi Moscow Russia

Lamborghini Taxi
Lamborghini Taxi

Lotus Taxi
Lotus Taxi

Porshe Taxi
Porshe Taxi

A little unusual Taxi:

Hummer Taxi Houston
Hummer Taxi Houston

Crown Victoria Taxi NY
crown victoria taxi ny

Tracked Peugeot 406 Taxi
Tracked Peugeot 406 Taxi

Solar powered Taxi
Solar powered Taxi

Divine Taxi London
Divine Taxi London

Most Luxurious Taxis in the World

Kolkata Taxi West Bengal India
Kolkata Taxi West Bengal India

Taxi Mumbai India
Mumbai Taxi India

Lada Taxi
Lada Taxi

Some Water Taxi

Water Taxi New York
Water Taxi New York

Taxi Boat Monteverde Costa Rica
Boat Taxi Monteverde Costa Rica

Taxi Boat Auckland, NZ
Taxi Boat Auckland NZ

Water Taxi Roko Croatia
Water Taxi Roko Croatia

Best for the end, Taxi motorcycle, bicycle etc.

Riksha Taxi Lahore Pakistan
Riksha Taxi Lahore Pakistan

Taxi Goa India
Taxi Goa India

Taxi India
Taxi India

Coco Taxi Cuba
Coco Taxi Cuba

Taxi Puno Peru
Taxi Puno Peru

Taxi Jaen Peru
Taxi Jaen Peru

Taxi Hanoi Vietnam
Taxi Hanoi Vietnam

Taxi Shangai China
Taxi Shangai China

Motorcycle Taxi Kenya
Motorcycle Taxi Kenya

Bicycle Taxi Nanjing China
Taxi Nanjing China

Bicycle Taxi Spain
Bicycle Taxi Spain

Bicycle Taxi Berlin Germany
Bicycle Taxi Berlin Germany

Bicycle Taxi Berlin Germany 2
Bicycle Taxi Berlin Germany

Definitely the best Taxi

Bicycle Taxi Burundi Africa
Bicycle Taxi Burundi Africa

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  3. huzsifa says:

    Love the taxi pics.

  4. Paola says:

    Burundi Taxi is just to travel around the world 🙂

  5. Heavy Duty truck Dealer in Texas says:

    Really amazing Auto collection.

    Elizabeth Cooper

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  7. Michael says:

    I can see it now,

    German bicycle taxi: Where to?

    Customer: Dresden, and step on it!

  8. Adam says:

    The bicycle taxis as shown in the last photo are in several African countries. I rode them a few times in Malawi. They’re a great deal of fun to ride, provided your balance is good enough not to fall off!

  9. Jes Woods says:

    Wow, that Ferrari taxi is AMAZING! Wow!


  10. ThaiMed says:

    I am surprised Bangkok Taxis (or Taxis of Thailand in general) did not make the list.

  11. arczi says:

    Last photo is the best.

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  16. john Marovich says:

    The Croatian water taxi is actually on Korcula island. The owner is named Roko.

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  20. electronic cigarettes says:

    I wanna go on a taxi ride in a LAMBO!

  21. kim says:

    Great site. Keep doing.

  22. Cheap says:

    Your Site Is Great!

  23. Speez says:

    Yes! Houston made the list!

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  25. sandra says:

    Those “taxis” in india are known as 3 wheelers. We don’t call them taxis because we have taxis (cars) and then we have three wheelers, n then we have rikshas.

  26. Hid Lights says:

    haha, the first and the last one are the best ))) also like second one with lambo doors, but not sure if it is easy for passengers to climb there… possibly many people take it just to try

  27. harveybirdman says:

    your site is very great!!!

  28. Pens says:

    Taxis is great, check this most expensive

  29. neh taxi says:

    So funny pics!

  30. caly says:

    Good posting, im subscribing to your rss. Many thanks once more.

  31. Wedding Bands says:

    I must admit this post is very wonderful . Thanks once again for the push!

  32. locky says:

    Really unusual taxis

  33. AzariahetBard says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  34. Verdie Saroukos says:


  35. dungeon says:

    Really crazy taxis!

  36. mobilia says:

    wow crazy taxis

  37. unica says:


  38. Johny says:

    Hi there, i want have ride with one of this taxis!

  39. Sation says:

    Strange taxis…

  40. clasy says:


  41. uwe says:


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