Charlie Sheen The feud erupted Christmas morning after Sheen, the star of Channel 9’s sitcom sensation Two and a Half Men, flew to Colorado from LA to spend time with wife Brooke Mueller and their twin boys, Max and Bob.
The pair had been living apart and had simmering marital problems.
Soon after Sheen arrived at their $7.5 million Aspen chalet, he and Mueller began arguing until Sheen allegedly throttled Mueller, US reports said.
Last night his wife tried to hose down the drama, telling police both had been drinking before the scuffle, according to reports.
Police claimed Sheen blew 0.04 while Mueller registered 0.13 on their blood alcohol tests, celebrity website TMZ reported. It was unclear why a blood alcohol test was needed.
Sheen was released in the late afternoon after posting $8,500 bond and being advised by a county judge on the conditions of his release, she said.
Dasaro declined to name Sheen’s accuser, citing a department policy prohibiting the identification of potential victims in domestic violence cases.
Aspen attorney Richard Cummins said late Friday that he was representing Sheen in the case. He declined to name Sheen’s accuser or discuss details.
A court date was set for Feb. 8.

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