How to Create an Aerobics Class At Home Aerobics is a great way to make you stay in shape and relieve you of all tensions. The best thing about aerobics is that it is a much more fun form of exercise than conventional exercises, yoga and using gym equipment. This is because it combines music, dance and a routine exercise that boosts your energy, and can be very helpful in burning calories as well as staying in shape. Who would not love this idea? But many of us avoid this because we have to drive far away to get to the nearest aerobics class in town or perhaps do not have the courage (initially) to start working out with a batch of 10-15 other people. But you do not need to worry. You can create an aerobics class at home. But before doing that, you need to practice a bit of it first. And if you have done aerobics already in the past and still have a hang of it, this would be easier for you. Let us look at how to begin the process if you are an amateur.

Basic Prerequisites

You can do all of this with the help of just three basic things to start with-a good pair of shoes (sports shoes), a bit of space and a bit of free time. And you also need to have the independence to play music at some volume at home. So if you think your spouse or children might get disturbed with the music, try to do it at a time when your spouse it as work and your children are out playing or doing their school or tuition classes. Any sneakers, running shoes or even cross-training shoes as per your comfort can be worn for starts, and you would get to know what shoes would be best for you as time passes. Try to get some aerobic videos, such as those of Davina McCall, or any of your favorite celebrity aerobic master or film star. Many videos are available for free and uploaded by good trainers and can be subscribed to for free on web sites such as YouTube. All you need to do now is get started and attain expertise in those steps. If you feel confident enough with the routines, you can now consider starting an aerobics class at home.

Benefits of Having an Aerobics Class

There are many advantages of having an aerobics class at home, especially if you are a housewife. You can earn some money, build your social circle and stay fit all at the same time. If you know that there is no aerobics class nearby, and think that you can attract a potential market, you can earn good money. But if money is not your priority, it’s even better. The number of women coming (obviously you’d have women as your students unless your business is too large scale) would exponentially increase if you start doing your classes for free. If you are having paid classes, make sure you look after all the legal aspects, have a smooth transaction system and pay all your taxes on time.

Main Requirements

Buy a good music system depending on the size of the room or hall you can arrange at your home holding aerobic classes for a group of people. Next hire video editing professionals. Arrange for floor mats and probes like exercise balls if you think they would be necessary and would feature regularly in your workout routine. Make sure there is good cooling in the room if the weather is too hot in your town. Have a water filter with RO water because frequent rehydration is necessary during workout. Arrange for at least one washroom that is free throughout the duration of the class and it would be better if you can have multiple ones.
Another thing that you can do is get a high definition TV installed exclusively in the aerobics class room for the students to watch and exercise simultaneously. This is a tried and tested idea, and that is why you see so many live aerobic programs on your TV during the morning time. If you do not have live streaming, you can purchase and play group videos in which a whole group is practicing and this makes it easier for your group to follow than a video where a single expert person is showing all the exercises.

Do It Systematically

The last important thing from my point of view would be to do things in a professional manner. Have an attendance system, whether it is on paper (do not waste too much paper unnecessarily though) or computer. Have an accounting system, where you can enter details of the fees of all your clients if you are holding paid aerobic classes. And also have a feedback system; obviously you won’t have a doubts person or calling service directly (you can if you are thinking of making it big), but you can have a Facebook page, and provide your clients with an email id that is meant exclusively for this purpose. All these things would create a good feeling in the customer’s mind, and also help polish your entrepreneurship skills. So just follow the above steps if you think you have it in you and get going.

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