Brasilian burglar A Brazilian would-be burglar tried to make a discreet entrance into a bar in Sao Paulo, but had to shout for help once he got trapped inside the chimney on Tuesday (February 23) night.
His cries for help were heard by a woman who lives next door to the bar. When the bar’s owner, Cleia Baldonedo, arrived home after midnight, she was surprised by the ambulance and fire truck parked outside her bar.
Baldonedo walked inside and saw the suspect’s feet hanging from inside the chimney.
Fire fighters spent more than one hour trying to free the soot-covered man before finally breaking away part of the chimney with hammers.

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  1. […] Brazilian would-be burglar stuck in chimney – video […]

  2. […] Brasilian would-be burglar stuck in chimney – video | EpidemicFun.com […]

  3. […] Brasilian would-be burglar stuck in chimney – video | EpidemicFun.com […]

  4. […] Un brasileño a los posibles ladrones trató de hacer una entrada discreta en un bar en Sao Paulo, pero tuvo que pedir ayuda una vez que quedó atrapado dentro de la chimenea, el martes (23 de febrero) la noche. Sus gritos de auxilio fueron escuchados por una mujer que vive al lado de la barra. Cuando el dueño del bar, Cleia [. . . ] URL del artículo original http://www.epidemicfun.com/2010/brasilian-would-be-burglar-stuck-in-chimney-video/ […]

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