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Road Kill Calendar 2010?

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chinchilla Where you can buy Road Kill Calendar 2010? Shocking and most daring calendar to date! People sell everything:

Road Kill Calendar 2010

Our shocking and most daring calendar to date!

12 shots of poignant English animal road kill (no pets)

Why purchase a calendar such as this?

Good question-

We are a nation of animal lovers…even dead ones

It’s the perfect surreptitious gift for a Secret Santa Party. Every one would wonder who on earth would send such a gift. Stand back and observe the party come to life…or die a death!

Why not give it as a gift to someone you are not too fond of.

Wind up a friend. Certain people relish being controversial.

You love to shock and rattle everyone’s cage.

You will own something that is totally unique.

If you have a wobbly kitchen table leg. Our calendar is perfect to shove under it.

With the credit crunch as it is, why not buy an impact gift at a resonable cost. This calendar is undoubtedly an impact present and reasonably priced at £8.00.

Let’s face it our eyes are all drawn to road kill, we just cant help looking,even though we dont want to, and let us not forget magpies love road kill.

NOTE: No animal was deliberately maimed or killed in the production of this calendar.

HERE you can buy Road Kill Calendar 2010.

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