bodybuildingBodybuilding for Women – Myths

There are some myths that must be met on women bodybuilding.

The first myth is that exercise can increase the size of the breast. Ah, if it were true, all plastic surgeons broken! But it is not. Women’s breasts are composed primarily of adipose tissue to muscle development, will not grow that part of body.

Female Bodybuilding Myth # 2, weight training will get fat into muscle. This is not correct. You can only burn fat through cardiovascular activity and can only gain muscle weight training. Without doubt, these are not just myths that need to be addressed in future.


Male vs Female Bodybuilding – What are the differences?

Women Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding women is still a sport that is evolving to combat the myths and problems of perception. Unfortunately women can not get the kind of body that men are due to the inability of women to produce more testosterone men. For most need to be competitive, alternative measures are usually taken. This is why anabolic steroids are a problem in women’s bodybuilding – a controversial issue, we are sure to continue to listen more.

Bodybuilding for Women

No woman should be afraid of female bodybuilding. You do not have to look like bodybuilders compete with large companies that you see in photos or on television. You can train hard with weights and sculpt the body what it wants – not to mention the need to go beyond its basic definition body.

Bodybuilding for Women

Women should remember that if you only did cardio your body burns fat and muscle for use as fuel, so a program of weight training, even if you are not interested in female bodybuilding regime can benefit from inside and outside the gym.

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